Waterfalls in Spring

After a rainy and snowy winter, the streams and rivers of Cameros resurface and flow with great amounts of water:

Here near the Molino del Corregidor we have a ravine where you can see many waterfalls and that will give rise to beautiful pools to bathe in the summer, it is the Santa María ravine:

We can see them walking from San Román, going up along the river and along the track that leads to Santa María, and then following the marks on the R1 route towards the beech forest:

We will also see them if we do the route that we recommend the most, leaving from our house, the one that takes us through the “dehesa” of San Román, the beech forest of Santa María and all this ravine that in spring is when it is most beautiful. You have the route in our hiking trails section.

In all Cameros there are many more ravines that are now full of very beautiful waterfalls, ravines to do both on foot and by bike, the most recommended are:

Puente Ra waterfalls, in the “Cebollera” natural park. A highly recommended route at any time, suitable for all levels:

Trevijano ravine waterfalls, a route that we do on our weekends by bike and on our experiences, they have water only in spring:

Peña Puerta waterfall, the highest waterfall in La Rioja. It only has water in the rainy season, but in any case the wall is always impressive and you can hike up as well.

Waterfall of the cave of the Moors in Jubera, a waterfall that comes out of the stone inside a cave. You can visit it in a simple walk and then complete it with the route to the village of San Martín de Jubera:

Torremuña ravine, another perfect trail for spring that can be done on foot or by bike:


There are many more waterfalls in the ravines and streams of the entire Riojan mountain, this spring we are waiting for you to go see them!


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