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Molino del Corregidor is located on the outskirts of San Román de Cameros, a small mountain village in the heart of the Iberian mountains. The town is very well preserved and its houses and cobbled streets stand out, with beautiful details such as the stone mosaics at the entrance of some houses.

San Román de Cameros.

Details of the mosaics at the entrance of some houses

San Román is located in the Cameros region, within what is known as “Camero Viejo”. The main towns in this region are Soto en Cameros, San Román de Cameros and Laguna de Cameros, each with a different attraction.

In Soto en Cameros, its main attraction is its walk along the Leza River, which continues north along the canyon track, a beautiful path that will take us to the viewpoint of the Leza canyon. This is one of our most recommended routes as a pleasant walk of 2 km one way.

In Soto we also have the valley bakery, with its bread made in a wood oven, without a doubt it is worth visiting to try it. We can also visit the traditional factory of the renowned Soto Marzipan, one of the most famous local products.

In San Román de Cameros, the perfectly restored urban area stands out with its stone streets and mosaics in the squares and at the entrances to the doors, a great stonework that will allow you to enjoy the ascent to the church and the top of the town.

Mosaic in the fountain of the Plaza del Olmo of San Román. Photo courtesy of Atalaya Camerana.

In the town we recommend you eat at the Monte Real Restaurant, traditional Riojan cuisine made as always thanks to Feli and Vicente. And if what you like is having tapas or having a wine with friends, in our neighboring place La Vida es Sueño they have different “pinchos” every weekend and it is an ideal place to relax with a drink. There are also concerts on some weekends and many activities throughout the year for both adults and children.

Laguna de Cameros is the last town in the valley, and the one that preserves the most authentic mountain atmosphere, with its streets and traditional stone walls, highlighting the surroundings of the church and the old laundry room.

Surroundings of the Church of Laguna de Cameros, courtesy of Millán Dasairas in his “guía de Camero Viejo“.

In the valley there are more charming towns to visit, and some other tourist resources that may interest you, especially recommended if you come with children to visit the dinosaur footprints on the Hornillos road. There are many more footprints in the region, but this is the largest and most easily accessible.

A visit to Ajamil and a tour of the Monte Real beech forest is also highly recommended, both for hiking and for driving to the “Pradito Gil” refuge. This area is a forest environment that in summer will always be cool and shady and in autumn it becomes a spectacle of color.

“Monte Real” beech forest in Ajamil.

Recommended Activities:

The main nature activities that you can do in Cameros according to your preferences are:

  • Visit to the Ortigosa Caves. Opening from April to November, check schedules at:
  • Hiking trails. There are many routes in the area from short walks to routes of several hours, on our website you will find a section with our main recommendations, but there are many more. We will give you information about the best options in each season: ravines with waterfalls in spring, cool forests and rivers with pools in summer, colorful beech trees in autumn … you will surely enjoy cameros. We also do guided tours, contact us without obligation.

Natural Park of Cebollera

  • Mountain bike routes. In addition to our proposed routes you have in our region marked routes for MTB “Caminos de Cameros“. We can recommend many others according to your preferences. We are a bike specialized accommodation, we have bikes for rent, workshop, cleaning area and we do guided routes and transfers.

  • Road bike routes. The roads of Cameros are perfect for cycling, traffic is minimal and you can enjoy several ports such as Sancho Leza, La Rasa, Canto Hincado … in addition to rolling through the leza canyon or going up to towns at the top of the mountains like Trevijano or Luezas.
  • Motorcycle routes: The roads of the Rioja mountains are ideal to enjoy them on a motorcycle, and for this reason the government of La Rioja has marked a route of almost 200 km with specific signs and barriers for greater safety, you have more information in our specific section: “Ruta de los tres valles”.
  • Nature activities for children at Naturaventura Ajamil: Milking, herding and other activities to discover rural life.
  • Multiadventure park. Ideal to go with children and adults who enjoy its castles, bridges, zip line and climbing wall. More information at: Parque Aventura de Cameros.
  • Stargazing. Our watermill is located in an area classified as a Starlight Destination, and as our house is on the outskirts of town, thousands of stars and the Milky Way can be seen with the naked eye. Ideal for lovers of astronomy.
  • Summer Activities: In summer, enjoy the natural pools in the area, get started in canyoning in the Leza canyon, or enjoy water activities at the “Club Naútico de El Rasillo”. San Román also has public swimming pools in July and August.

Pools of the Leza canyon in summer.

Where to eat:

Eating in Cameros will be delicious and also at affordable prices: enjoy traditional food, wood-burning grills or a space for “tapas” in our neighboring establishment. In any case, being small and local businesses, we advise you to always call before going or ask for hours, they are not open every day:

  • In San Román: Restaurante Monte Real, traditional food.
  • In San Román: Espacio “La Vida es Sueño“, “tapas” on weekends and summer. Vegetarian options.
  • In Soto en Cameros: “Las huellas“, traditional food.
  • In Terroba: “Presa de Terroba“, traditional food.
  • In Laguna de Cameros: “El Nogal” (only for groups with reservation)
  • In Laguna de Cameros:  Hotel Camero Viejo.
  • In Villoslada de Cameros: Restaurante Corona, traditional food.


In the region of Cameros there is very little population and therefore there are not many shops, we recommend buying before coming if you are clear that you want to cook.

Esperamos que esta información os sea de utilidad, tenéis más datos y de toda La Rioja en la web de La Rioja Turismo, podéis consultarnos cualquier duda o recomendación sobre la zona, ¡os esperamos!

We hope that this information is useful for you, you have more information about all of La Rioja on the La Rioja Turismo website, you can ask us any questions or recommendations about the area, you will enjoy your stay in Cameros.

Molino del Corregidor,B&B in La Rioja.

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