Discover Mountain Bike in Cameros

This route is proposed for beginner cyclists or people who want to start mountain biking and thereby discover a bit of our region.

Ride details: 21 km and 300 m of positive slope, with about 600 m negative. Route time between 2:00 and 3:00 hours with stops. Low physical and technical difficulty, it can be done in any season except if it has snowed.

To avoid the long initial climb and enjoy it without stress, we suggest you to start from Hornillos de Cameros, avoiding 300 m of unevenness of hard climb.

We will start the route on a good track that climbs with a moderate slope and that only at the end will have a couple of ramps where you have to pedal hard and will put you to the test. After about half an hour of climbing, we will reach the line of peaks with their imposing windmills.

In the meadows of the summits it is easy to find animals grazing, and if you are lucky, it is even possible to see wild deer.

After admiring the landscape, and with some sections up and down, we will begin the descent through beautiful cross-country meadows, perfect to start on the mountain trails.

Then we will go down a good track to the village of Torremuña, where we will stop to see the remains of what was an imposing church.

From here we will continue with a flat section of good track, to then go down to the village of Vadillos. The return to our house is along the road with a gentle downward slope and with hardly any traffic, completing the 21 km route.

We have bikes to rent and we can also act as a guide and lift, this route is one of the experiences that we propose, contact us without obligation.

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